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April 9th, 2014

Ben Spies Interview: Goodbye, Or See You Later?

The following interview was done by Polish MotoGP journalist and TV commentator Mick Fialkowski back in October 2013 and published in Bikesportnews in the UK amongst others. As well as writing in English, Mick writes in Polish for the website and magazine MotorMania, as well as the Polsat Sport website.

Spies is hopefully feeling better by now, but by how much, we'll probably find out next weekend as the former World Superbike Champion is set to attend his home MotoGP round at Austin, Texas, as a spectator. Can he ever come back as a rider?

With former AMA and WSBK Champ Ben Spies announcing his retirement following two horrid seasons in MotoGP, Mick Fialkowski asks him why and if he's ever coming back.

As the likes or Marquez, Rossi and Crutchlow spend the off-season gearing up for 2014, Ben Spies has other priorities, recovering from a double shoulder injury which forced his recent shocking retirement from motorcycle racing at the age of just 29. 'Right now, when I wake up in the morning, I'm still in a lot of pain with both shoulders,' the Texan says from his house in Dallas in a first interview since announcing his retirement exactly a month earlier. 'The left one, which I've injured at Indy this year, was a pretty bad separation, it was a grade five, the three tendons that attach the AC joint to your shoulder they weren't even connected. That was pretty big but I don't think it will be too much of a problem, hopefully, for the long run. The right shoulder, the one from Malaysia of last year; all I can say is it's been over a year since I've had the first surgery and I haven't gone a day without waking up without pain or it troubling me. It will be tough. I don't want to say never but when I talk to the doctors they always say that for doing normal things in normal life it shouldn't be a problem but racing a motorcycle or playing golf, I'm going to be restricted in a lot of things and that just comes with the nature of the injury and the damage that I've done inside my shoulder that you can't really fix. When you have the rotator cuff and torn labrum stuff, it's pretty severe and that's why the second surgery was done to my right shoulder to try and fix some of those problems. It still feels like it's not at 100%, that's for sure.'

April 4th

Pol Espargaro Interview - On Collarbones, Learning MotoGP Electronics, And Racing Brothers

While much of the media attention at Qatar was focused on his brother Aleix, Pol Espargaro made a quietly impressive debut in the premier class. The 22-year-old Spaniard posted competitive times all weekend, but was forced to pull out of the race with a technical problem. Before the weekend started,'s Scott Jones sat down with the Monster Tech 3 Yamaha rider to talk to him about how he viewed the season. The conversation ranged over Espargaro's broken collarbone, injured at the test just 10 days before the weekend started, adapting to a MotoGP machine after years in Moto2, and racing against his brother Aleix. A fascinating conversation with a rising star.

Q: First of all, let's talk about the collarbone. How does it feel?

Pol Espargaro: The collarbone feels better. Sure doesn't feel perfect, but for sure I have to be happy, because ten days ago I had the collarbone fixed, the pain is not big. So for sure I have to be happy because we are good.

Q: Pushing on the handlebars, it's OK?

March 17th

Red Bull KTM Press Release Interview: Karel Hanika On A Strong Preseason And The Red Bull Rookies

The Red Bull KTM Ajo team issued a press release today, containing an interview with Karel Hanika, the young Czech rookie who has made an astounding debut in the Moto3 class during testing. In the interview, Hanika talks about progress in testing, working inside the Ajo team structure, and being the favorite to win rookie of the year in Moto3. The press release appears below:

"I wasn’t expecting to be so fast in preseason"

Red Bull KTM Ajo rider anxiously awaiting debut in World Championship after strong preseason –in which he was third last week at Jerez.

Karel Hanika is the reigning Red Bull Rookies Cup champion and a Moto3 World Championship debutant with Red Bull KTM Ajo. He has surprised many with his speedy preseason performances, and was third quickest at last week’s Jerez test. The 17 year-old is delighted with his new team, with KTM and with the help of new teammate Jack Miller.

The man with the number 98 will debut this Sunday at Losail, Qatar.

What is your analysis of this preseason?

"I think I can say that after the last test at Jerez, overall it was not bad. We've done a lot of work, many experiments and ridden very well. We have also had a mix of fast laps and race simulation laps. After all that, we are ready to start the season."

February 24th

Herve Poncharal Interview: On The Open Yamaha Of Aleix Espargaro, The Future Of MotoGP, And Seamless Gearboxes

Perhaps the biggest surprise after the first day of testing at Sepang was the sheer, unadulterated speed of Aleix Espargaro on the Forward Yamaha, racing in the Open category. Seventh fastest, half a second off the fastest factory Yamaha of Valentino Rossi, and ahead of the two Tech 3 riders Bradley Smith and Pol Espargaro. By lunchtime on the second day, Aleix was closer still, just two tenths off the best Yamaha.

Naturally, all eyes turned to the Tech 3 garage, and the response of team boss Herve Poncharal. How would the otherwise charming Frenchman react to being beaten by a bike which Yamaha was supplying to a rival team for a third of the price he is paying to lease the Tech 3 Yamaha M1 machines, entered under the Factory Option rules in MotoGP? A long line of journalists beat a path to his door, including, to put those questions to him.

Poncharal spoke at length about the Open class, the issue of fuel consumption, and the performance of Aleix Espargaro. First of all, though, he emphasized the strength of his relationship with Yamaha.

February 9th

Repsol Press Release Interview: Dani Pedrosa Happy With Honda RC213V After Sepang Test

The Repsol Media Service have released the second of two interviews with the Repsol Honda teams riders. After Friday's interview with Marc Marquez, today they issued a press release with Dani Pedrosa. In the interview, Pedrosa talks about how he assesses his fitness after the first test, how he spent his winter, and how the test went. Pedrosa reports that Honda have made great steps forward with the bike, and his wish list of improvements is now very short indeed. The press release interview appears below:

“This year we have improved the rear grip a lot. We have taken steps forward”

Spanish rider feeling fit and ready after three days of high intensity testing at Malaysian circuit of Sepang.

Repsol Media Service - Malaysia, Sepang Circuit - Saturday 02/08/2014

Repsol Honda rider Dani Pedrosa used last week’s Sepang test to improve his 2014 Honda RC213V. He leaves Malaysia tired after three days of intense work and very hot conditions, but is pleased with how his body responded to the demands. Pedrosa says that his machine features better rear grip, and that what he picked up most last year was an ability to stay focused under maximum pressure.

How was your winter?

February 7th

Repsol Press Release Interview: Marc Marquez On The Winter Break And The Sepang Test

With the MotoGP preseason well underway after the first test at Sepang, the busy men and women of the Repsol Media Service are hard at work once again. Their first job this year is an interview with reigning world champion Marc Marquez. In the interview, Marquez talks about training during the winter, how the tests went, defending his title and racing against some of his former rivals in Moto2. The Repsol Media Service have also posted a video on Youtube of Marquez and Repsol Honda teammate Dani Pedrosa from the test at Sepang. The press release interview appears below:

“This year there will be pressure, but I work well under those conditions”

Repsol Honda’s reigning World Champion, Marc Marquez, has started 2014 as he ended 2013: On top in MotoGP.

Repsol Media Service - Malaysia, Sepang Circuit - Friday 02/07/2014

Marc Marquez began his preseason in the best possible fashion, preparing for his second season in MotoGP and his title defence. The Repsol Honda rider dominated all three days of the Sepang test, breaking the circuit record on the final day. His time of 1:59.533 bested Casey Stoner’s previous record, set in 2012.

You haven’t stopped this winter. Can you not stay away from racing?

“This has been a winter of two parts. The first was dedicated to events and press, and the second part to a bit more fun and things like Dirt Track racing, driving cars or karting. It is always good to keep active.”

November 22nd, 2013

Interviewed At The Sachsenring: Jeremy Burgess Speaks About Ducati, And Rossi's Return To The Yamaha

Following Valentino Rossi's shocking decision to part ways with his long-term crew chief Jeremy Burgess, there has been much speculation about Rossi's reason for the split. Mick Fialkowski spoke to the experienced Australian earlier this year at the Sachsenring, where Burgess shed some light on the last few seasons of their cooperation. Burgess told Fialkowski about their time at Ducati, the return to Yamaha, and where Rossi has struggled this season. With the benefit of hindsight, this interview makes for a highly illuminating read.

Mick Fialkowski: Jeremy, what went wrong at Ducati when you were there for two years with Valentino between 2011 and 2012?

Jeremy Burgess: I think you probably have to ask that to Ducati, because we tried very hard to get them to work in a way that we had been using for many years but unfortunately it was a mentality of Ducati which even Valentino wasn't able to change. As much as we tried and as you can see this year, the situation doesn't seem to have improved significantly at all. I think there have to be some really big changes in the way Ducati believes that they should go about their MotoGP racing.

Q: What do they need to change?

JB: The people at the circuit are very good. These projects are not lost by the people working at this level. The people in each garage here work to the level of the equipment and the funding that they have. If there is somebody in the higher position that is blocking the development or not believing what the riders are saying and believes that their design is OK, then this is when it suffers at the race track. Ducati regularly tests in Mugello, they compete in MotoGP and see the results every week. It's really in the hands of the directors of the engineering group to put the right people in place back in Ducati.

Q: After years with Honda and Yamaha, were there any significant differences between working with a Japanese and an Italian factory?

JB: Very much so. The Japanese factory listens to what we say and responds to our requests. Ducati, whether they've listened, they've heard, for sure, but they didn't respond. They believed for some reason that what they've had was good enough and that in some miraculous way everything would be OK next week. And then it wasn't and of course you start to lose the bond between the engineers and the rider to work together to improve the machine. Fundamentally Ducati needs to regroup, go back, try and build again and perhaps hire the very best rider, change their structure and their strategy somewhat.

Q: What were your first thoughts when Vale told you that you're going back to Yamaha for 2013?

November 18th

IMs Press Release: Post-Championship Teleconference With Marc Marquez

After the test at Valencia, Marc Marquez was asked by journalists what he was going to do over the winter. His answer came back quick as a flash: 'First I will do a lot of interviews.' Marquez was all too keenly aware of the media exposure his championship would bring.

He had already done his first big interview, speaking to journalists last Tuesday in a teleconference organized by the ever-industrious Indianapolis Motor Speedway press office. In the interview, Marquez talks about winning the championship at the first attempt, aggressive riding by himself and by Jorge Lorenzo, what Honda needs to do to improve the 2014 bike, and the mental strength he learned after the eye injury he suffered at Sepang in 2011.

The transcript of the press conference appears below:

2013 MotoGP World Champion Marc Marquez, Nov. 12, 2013

THE MODERATOR: Welcome, everyone, to the Red Bull Indianapolis GP teleconference. We are very grateful and privileged today to have the new Moto GP World Champion, Marc Marquez, of the Repsol Honda Team. Marc won the title by finishing third Sunday at the Grand Prix of Valencia, edging Jorge Lorenzo by four points. I could spend the next 15 minutes reading off a list of Marc's accomplishments, but I'll try to keep it brief.

A little bit of background. Marc is 20 years old. He's from Spain. He's the youngest premier class World Champion in history. He's the first rookie to win the premier class world title since American legend Kenny Roberts in 1978. Marc won six races this season, a rookie record. One of those wins came in August at the Red Bull Indianapolis GP at IMS, and he finished on the podium in 16 of his 18 starts this year. Marc has won three world championships in the last four seasons. He's won the 125cc title in 2010, the Moto2 title in 2012 and the MotoGP World Championship in 2013. Oh, by the way, he also led testing today. His 2014 season is already underway. He led test today at Valencia.

November 15th

Race Director Mike Webb Interview, Part 2: On The Phillip Island Tire Debacle,

In part one of our interview with Mike Webb, the MotoGP Race Director talked about the penalty point system and how it had worked in 2013. In the second part, talks about the tire debacle at Phillip Island. Webb explains what the teams were told about the rules and the penalties they would incur, and he discusses the incident on the exit of pit lane between Marc Marquez and Jorge Lorenzo. He explains how Race Direction felt the dry flag-to-flag race went, and whether the situation could be handled any differently.

Webb also explains why penalty points are only handed out at the front of the race, while the battle mid-pack can be much fiercer than anything happening for the lead. Finally, Mike Webb casts an eye on the future, and explains the next steps towards improving safety, and improving communication with the riders.

Q: Phillip Island. First of all, I've seen the sheet of paper that was passed out to all the teams …

Mike Webb: Several sheets of paper, unfortunately. It changed several times, we were forced to. There was Moto2 for a start, that changed several times, and the same situation in MotoGP, where we had a meeting with the tire supplier, and they told us, OK, this is how many laps the tire can safely do, our recommendation from the tire supplier is that how many laps the tire can do, now it's up to you to make a decision on the race. And that information changed, during Saturday and then after Sunday warm up, so we had three different instructions to the teams based on what the tire companies told us their tires were able to do. And the last one was of course after warm up on Sunday, which is a horrible time to change anything. I know I hated that whole thing, but it was forced on us.

November 14th

Race Director Mike Webb Interview, Part 1: On Penalty Points, Precedent, Jerez, Sepang And Whether Motorcycle Racing Is A Contact Sport

It has been a busy year for MotoGP Race Director Mike Webb. Since taking on the job of ensuring that MotoGP events take place safely and efficiently, stepping into the shoes vacated by Paul Butler at the start of the 2012 season, Webb has faced some tough decisions and unusual situations, his second year in the job even more eventful than the first.

In response to criticism over the warning system in 2012, a new penalty points system was introduced to allow for harsher penalties for persistent offenders. There were several high-profile incidents involving Marc Marquez in his rookie season, including a clash with Jorge Lorenzo at Jerez, a touch which severed the traction control sensor of teammate Dani Pedrosa's Honda and caused Pedrosa to crash, and the situation at Phillip Island, where the new asphalt at the circuit caused the tires to degrade much more than the two spec tire manufacturers had expected, requiring last-minute adjustments to the race schedule on the fly.

We spoke with Mike Webb extensively at Valencia, on the Thursday evening before the race, covering the above subjects and more, and reviewing his second year as Race Director. In the first part of the interview, Webb talks of whether motorcycle racing is a contact sport, how the penalty system has worked out, explains why Marc Marquez was not given points at Jerez, why Jorge Lorenzo wasn't penalized for the touch at Sepang, and of changing perceptions.

Q: You're at the end of your second year in the job of Race Director. Was it easier than the first?

October 29th

Pata Honda Press Release Interview: Jonathan Rea On Leg Injuries, Staying With Honda And 2014

The Pata Honda team today issued the following press release, containing an interview with Jonathan Rea. In it, Rea discusses the leg injury he suffered in Germany, watching races at home, why he chose to remain with Honda, and his hopes for 2014:

Rea raring to go for 2014

Q&A with Pata Honda World Superbike rider Jonathan Rea

By his own admission, Jonathan Rea’s 2013 World Superbike season was not all that he would have wanted and, in spite of maintaining his record of scoring at least one race win in each of his five SBK seasons to date, it ended prematurely.

The 26-year-old was well-placed in race one at the Nürburgring in Germany on 1 September when he crashed at high speed on an expired machine’s oil. Rea broke his left femur in the crash and his season was over.

It was the second serious rider injury that the Pata Honda team suffered this season after Rea’s team-mate Leon Haslam broke his left tibia and fibula at Assen in The Netherlands in April.

Haslam returned to riding just four weeks later but his injury and its after-affects influenced the rest of his season and his own contribution to the development of the 2013 CBR1000RR.

August 12th

IMS Press Release: Marc Marquez On Unexpected Success, Riding Dirt Track And Estoril 2010

As is their custom, the industrious Indianapolis Motor Speedway press office organized a teleconference with Marc Marquez ahead of this weekend's Red Bull Indianapolis MotoGP race. As all these occasions were, it was highly informative and wide ranging, with Marquez being asked about a host of different subjects. The Repsol Honda rookie was asked about his unexpectedly strong start to his MotoGP career, about Casey Stoner developing the 2014 MotoGP bike, training on a dirt track bike, what he still has left to learn in MotoGP and the legendary 125cc race at Estoril in 2010, when Marquez crashed the bike on the sighting lap, but still went on to win the race. A great read, as ever:

Marc Marquez, Aug. 12, 2013

THE MODERATOR: Good afternoon, everyone. Today our guest is current MotoGP World Championship leader, Marc Marquez.

Just a little background about Marc. Marc is from Spain. He is, as I said, leading the World Championship standings. He has a 16-point lead over his teammate and two time Red Bull Indianapolis GP winner Dani Pedrosa and a 26-point lead over reigning world champion and 2009 Indianapolis winner, Jorge Lorenzo.

August 9th

Repsol Media Press Release Interview: Alex Rins On Racing For The Title In Moto3

The Repsol Media Service issued an interesting interview with Alex Rins, currently engaged in fighting for the Moto3 championship with Maverick Viñales and Luis Salom. In it, Rins talks about his arrival in Moto3, how he sees the championship, and sleeping in the paddock with noisy fans all around the track. The press release is shown below:

“My aim is to fight for the win at every race”

Alex Rins lies third in the World Championship, with two wins and podiums at every race that he has finished.

Repsol Media Service - Thursday 08/08/2013

Alex Rins looks back positively on his first half of the Moto3 season, in which he has only placed off the podium at Jerez and has two victories —in Austin and Germany. The 2012 Rookie of the Year has become one of the candidates for the title in Moto3 this season.

What evaluation do you make of the first half of the season?

"A positive one. We did not expect to be up so high, fighting for the podium at every race. It's a shame about the crash that we had in Jerez, because I think we are having a great start to the season."

You’ve been on the podium at every race in which you've finished. Do you feel you have met the objectives set at the beginning of the year?

August 1st

Repsol Press Release Interview: Marc Marquez On Winning, On Overtaking, On Racing In MotoGP, And On His Brother Alex

After Dani Pedrosa's interview yesterday, today, the Repsol Media Service issued a press release containing a mid-season interview with Marc Marquez. In another interesting interview, Marquez talks about his process of adaptation to riding a MotoGP bike, about surprising himself with his performance, and about beating his brother Alex. The full press release is shown below:

"A win in MotoGP is something special"

Marc Marquez reaches the summer break of his first season in the premier class as championship leader, after breaking all kinds of records.

Repsol Media Service - Thursday 01/08/2013

With three wins and a further five podiums in his rookie year in the premier class, the Repsol Honda team rider is enjoying a well-deserved rest at the halfway point of the season. Despite being new to the category and still in a learning stage with his Honda RC213V, Marquez has shown in the first nine races of the year that the sky is the limit for him.

Which race have you liked best this season?

"There are several, but Austin was special —the first victory for me. I also liked Laguna Seca. It was a new track for me, which I had not ever ridden at, it’s a special circuit. I also loved the Jerez race because I pushed 100%. There are several races in which I could have done better, some worse, but overall I'm happy, except for Mugello, which was a weekend with crashes and a fall in the race with just two laps remaining and I lost some valuable points."

July 31st

Repsol Press Release Interview: Dani Pedrosa On Recovering From Injury, And Trying To Repeat 2012

As is their custom, the Repsol Media service is sending out interviews with their riders over the summer break. First to break cover is an interview with Dani Pedrosa. The 2012 championship runner up talks about the progress he is making in recovering from the collarbone injury he suffered at the Sachsenring, his hopes of repeating in 2013 the outstanding results he obtained in the latter half of 2012, and on the balance between the Hondas and the Yamahas. As always, the Repsol Media interviews are an interesting read:

"Hopefully we can have a second half to the season like in 2012"

Dani Pedrosa reaches the halfway point of the season in second place, heavily involved in the fight for the title after scoring 11 valuable points at Laguna Seca —with a broken collarbone.

Repsol Media Service - Wednesday 31/07/2013

Second in the World Championship and 16 points off the lead, Dani Pedrosa salvaged a difficult situation at the United States Grand Prix to add 11 valuable points to his tally. A crash during practice for the German Grand Prix disrupted the consistency of the Repsol Honda Team rider, who had led the Championship for much of the season.

How is your body after Laguna Seca?

"Honestly, I'm very happy. Whenever you make a big effort and take risks like I did at the United States Grand Prix, getting good results and points is very rewarding."

You're 16 points off the lead. What evaluation do you make of the previous races?