Honda Doesn't Have Pneumatic Valves At Shanghai

The speculation over over the past few weeks had been intense: would Honda risk their untested pneumatic valve engine at Shanghai, to take advantage of the added top end power it should provide?

Wild Rumors: West To Be Replaced By Melandri After Shanghai?

The Dutch site is reporting a remarkable rumor: Racesport is saying that Kawasaki is set to replace Ant West with Marco Melandri after the Grand Prix of China at Shanghai. Both Marco Melandri and Ant West have been deeply disappointing with their respective factory teams, with Melandri describing himself as a "luxury spectator", at an absolute loss when trying to master the Ducati Desmosedici, and only managing a best finish of 11th at Qatar.

2008 Shanghai MotoGP Preview - Beauty And The Beast

The Shanghai International Circuit is a strange place. It is, to paraphrase Dickens, the best of tracks and the worst of tracks. For like so much of the building going on due to China's rise as a global superpower, the facilities are quite simply remarkable. The pit garages are spacious and clean, the paddock buildings are beautifully laid out, complete with garden and water village, and the press room looks like it could be used by NASA to monitor space shuttle flights. The trackside facilities truly are second to none.

Yamaha Preparing For '09: Rossi To Take Pay Cut, Telefonica As Title Sponsor?

An intriguing bit of news appeared over on over the past couple of days. Their main MotoGP reporter, Alberto Cani, writes that Yamaha is getting ready to finalize its plans for 2009. And the first item on the agenda for Yamaha supremo Lin Jarvis is the rider line up.

Honda To Run Pneumatic Valve Engine At Shanghai

HRC's on-again-off-again testing of their pneumatic valve engine is about to shift up a gear. After electing not to test the air valve engine for the RC212V at Estoril, the new powerplant could make an appearance at Shanghai in China.

Melandri Speaks Of His Despair On The Desmosedici

Marco Melandri has something of a reputation for speaking out whenever he's not happy. Melandri's outburst about the weakness of the Honda RC212V, and HRC's reneging on promises of full factory support for the Gresini Honda team are still ringing in the ears of both Honda officials and journalists, and now Melandri is at it again.

Nicky Hayden: Honda Or Ducati For 2009?

Conflicting reports are emerging from Italy about the future of Nicky Hayden in MotoGP. On the one hand, we have, who are reporting that Hayden is close to signing a new 2-year contract with Repsol Honda.

Shanghai Round - Is It On, Or Is It Canceled?

The excellent and amusing Dutch newspaper columnist Bert Wagendorp wrote recently of the 2008 Beijing Olympics "If you really hate a country, you should let them organize the Olympic games." Ever since the announcement that China was to organize the olympics, there has been a growing movement of protest about the human rights situation in the Chinese heartland and in Tibet.

2008 Post Estoril Round Test Times

2008 Estoril MotoGP Race Report - Grudge Match

2008 Estoril MotoGP Race Report - Grudge Match

Lorenzo To Undergo Surgery For Arm Pump

That 200 mph racing motorcycles with carbon disk brakes capable of braking at close to 2G of force place demands on the human body is self evident. The repeated effort of bearing the equivalent of twice your own bodyweight on your forearms several times a lap can cause enormous pain in a condition known as Chronic exertional compartment syndrome (CECS), more colloquially referred to as arm pump.

2008 Estoril MotoGP Race Results

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